Brian, smiling for the camera and sitting in a park

Front-end designer and developer working in higher education, mainly with WordPress. Committed to universal design practices emphasizing accessibility and user empathy.


NC State University

I work with the OIT Design & Web Services team, part of the Office of Information Technology at NC State University. My responsibilities include:

You can view my résumé for more information about what I do.

Freelance Consulting

NC State is my main professional focus. But I do occasionally take on outside clients. I prefer to work with universities, municipal governments, and non-profit organizations that work toward a more just and humane world.

Services I offer may include:

If there’s a project that I can’t help you with—either because it’s outside my abilities or because I don’t have the time to help out—I’m very happy to give recommendations for other firms or freelancers.

If you’re interested in working with me, please email me at to start that conversation.


I’m interested in better applying inclusive design principles and universal design principles to everything we build.

I also think about Eric Meyer and Sara Wachter-Boettcher’s book Design for Real Life constantly. It’s on all of us to build a better, safer, and more inclusive web.

Working Out Loud

I think it’s important to share what I’m working on and what I’ve learned with the broader community. This includes writing about the work we’re doing on the OIT Design & Web Services blog, and presenting at WordPress and higher ed conferences.

I have also presented at regional and national conferences that focus on either WordPress or higher education IT (or both), including WordCamp US, HighEdWeb, UNC CAUSE, and WPCampus. Conference presentation highlights include:

I also host the WPCampus Podcast. WPCampus is a fantastic organization, and hosting the podcast gives me an opportunity to talk to and learn from interesting people doing interesting things with WordPress in higher education.


I live in Boston, Massachusetts with Dr. Emily Barnard.

Worthy Causes

I’m very happy to recommend several organizations that are worth your time and money.