Headshot of Brian DeConinck.My name is Brian DeConinck.

I am a front-end designer and developer, with a strong interest in accessibility and inclusive design. I work remotely from Chicago, Illinois with the OIT Design & Web Services team, part of the Office of Information Technology at NC State University.

Beyond writing code, I advise departments at NC State on web and email best practices, information architecture, and content management using WordPress. I lead online and in-person workshops, write web governance documents, and generally do my best to create good and effective websites for our campus community. I occasionally take on freelance clients as well.

Much of my work at NC State involves creating WordPress themes and plugins that will be used by a large and diverse group of content creators. I work to trust and empower my users, giving them the tools, training, and feedback they need to make good choices as they build their web content. I try to apply inclusive design principles and universal design principles to everything I build, and I think about Sara Wachter-Boettcher and Eric Meyer’s book Design for Real Life constantly.