Brian DeConinck, standing in front of the ocean on a clear day.

My name is Brian DeConinck, and I’m a digital accessibility specialist. I currently work with the UX Accessibility team at Edward Jones.

I apply inclusive design principles and universal design principles in all of my work. I try to make ethical design decisions and center my choices on doing good rather than harm.

In my projects, I hope to trust and empower the people I support. The tools that I build aim to give users the ability to accomplish tasks, the training needed to understand their options, and the in-context feedback to make good choices.

I believe we have an obligation to think about the consequences of how everything we build might be used—and when possible, to ensure that they won’t be used to hurt, exclude, or take advantage of. I think about Sara Wachter-Boettcher and Eric Meyer’s book Design for Real Life constantly.

In Other Media

  • @BrianDeConinck on Twitter, where I sometimes tweet about accessibility and sometimes vent about the news and make myself slightly less employable.
  • On LinkedIn, where I try to keep a fairly up-to-date version of my work history. I’m not really a LinkedIn person, but if you send me a message there I’ll probably see it.
  • On GitHub, where I sometimes publish interesting or useful code until it’s old enough that it embarrasses me and I make it private.