Causes I Support

I’m very happy to recommend several organizations that are worth your time and money.

  • Greater Boston Food Bank serves communities across eastern Massachusetts, feeding more than 142,000 people every month.
  • The Food Bank of Central and Eastern North Carolina has a special place in my heart. Emily and I volunteered there regularly when we lived in Raleigh, and the folks who work there do an incredible job serving a large region.
  • ShelterBox ensures that survivors of natural disasters and human conflict have basic necessities in the immediate aftermath, including and especially shelter from the elements.
  • Doctors Without Borders works to provide medical assistance to people in conflict zones.
  • gives you an easy way to purchase carbon offsets, helping to fight climate change and mitigate your personal impact.
  • Independent Animal Rescue is a Durham, NC-based animal rescue organization. They provide foster care and help adopt thousands of area cats and dogs—including our two cats.